Report-002 AFR

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Hon'ble Mr. Justice Aziz-ur-Rehman

High Court of Sindh, Principal Seat Karachi, Bench at Sukkur, Circuit Courts at Hyderabad and Larkana
A.F.R (Judgments / Orders )
Total Records :
Code S.No. Citation Case No. Case Year Parties Bench Order_Date A.F.R Head Notes Judgement/Order
124376 1 Const. P. 3834/2017 (D.B.) Sindh High Court, Karachi 2017 Arshad Hussain (Petitioner) VS Province of Sindh & Ors (Respondent) D.B. 19-FEB-18 Yes Nil.
126978 2 Const. P. 1065/2018 (D.B.) Sindh High Court, Circuit at Hyderabad 2018 Mashooque (Petitioner) VS Province of Sindh & others (Respondent) D.B. 15-MAY-18 Yes Nil.
124374 3 Const. P. 4398/2015 (D.B.) Sindh High Court, Karachi 2015 Ashraf Hussain (Petitioner) VS Aman Ahmed Qazi and Ors (Respondent) D.B. 21-FEB-18 Yes Nil.