Constt. Petition No. 236 of 2009.           


Order with signature of Judge


01.             For orders on office objection (A).

02.             For Katcha Peshi.



                        Mr. Roshan Ali Solangi, Advocate alongwith Mr. Mubashir Ali Solangi, Advocate for the petitioner.

                        Miss Rubina Dhamrah, State counsel alongwith SIP Imam Bux Mithani, SIO PS Bakrani.



1.                     Deferred.


2.                     Record reflects that SIP Imam Bux Mithani SIO PS Bakrani and SIP Ashfaq Ahmed Mangi SHO PS Bakrani, had already filed their statements on oath before this court on the last date of hearing i.e. 23.04.09. Both the above police officers, who were present in court, undertook that they would not cause any harassment to the petitioner or to any other person nominated in the F.I.R No. 36/2009, under section 365-B and 496-A P.P.C of PS Bakrani, and today SIP Imam Bux Mithani SIO PS Bakrani reiterated the same undertaking in court. SIP Imam Bux Mithani files further statement annexing therewith the copy of report dated 15.04.2009, under section 168 Cr.P.C, and letter No. 72, dated 28.04.2009, whereby the summary has been submitted to the court of Civil Judge & Judicial Magistrate, Dokri, for disposal of this case crime under class “C”, which are taken on record and copies thereof have been delivered to the learned advocate for the petitioner. The copies of the earlier statements have also been supplied to the learned advocate for the petitioner on the last date of hearing.   In view of the above statements and undertaking given by the police officers in court learned advocate for petitioner states that he is satisfied, therefore, he does not press this petition.


                        Accordingly the petition is disposed of in the above terms.