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Mr.Naimatullah Bhurgri, State Counsel alongwith PSI Raza Muhammad Sohu and PDSP Muhammad Bachal Shaikh, on behalf of DPO Kamber Shahdadkot and ASI Sikander Ali Morio on behalf of SHO P.S Nasirabad. ==== 27.5.2009. O R D E R. KHADIM HUSSAIN M. SHAIKH,J.:- Through this petition under article 199 Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973, the petitioner has sought the following relief: To order for production of injured Amjad Ali before this Hon�ble Court from Central Prison, Larkana and then he may be referred to the Medical superintendent, C.M.C. H., Larkana for examination, treatment and certificate; To direct the respondent No.1 S.H.O of PS Nasirabad to record the statement of the petitioner and in case a cognizable offence is made out from such statement, then he same may be incorporated in 154, Cr.P.C book and further action according to law may be taken against the accused persons to be nominated in the F.I.R; To direct the respondent No.2 to himself conduct an honest and impartial inquiry into the matter and to take strict disciplinary legal action as well as departmental action against the delinquent officers/persons; ������ ������ ������ 2. Police Officers present in Court state that if the petitioner approaches them, his statement will be recorded and if cognizable offence is made out the F.I.R will be registered and investigated through police officer not below the rank of Inspector will be conducted and they further state that they will not cause any harassment to the petitioner and that they will provide protection to him as and when required to him. After going through the statements and in view of undertaking given by the police officers in Court, the learned advocate for the petitioner expresses his satisfaction stating that the grievance of the petitioner has been ventilated therefore, he does not want to proceed further with this petition which may be disposed of. In view of above, this petition is disposed of in above terms. 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